Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is the simplest way to keep an interior comfortable throughout the year and refreshingly cool during the hottest of the summer months. But ensuring an optimum air distribution and an even indoor temperature isn’t always an easy task. Our company’s approach is to help you find the Calgary air conditioning system that’s the best solution for your comfort or to restore the one you already have to its former glory.

For both Residential and Commercial projects, we offer:

  • Air Conditioner Repairs;
  • Air Conditioner Replacement;
  • Air Conditioner Installation.
  • Humidifier Installation.
  • Air Filtration System Installation.
Air Conditioning
Hepa Air Filtration System

Air Conditioners Repairs Calgary

Our air conditioner repairs Calgary based team is familiar with all AC systems found across Canada, and our qualified technicians are committed to saving your unit and to making it work again at its optimum efficiency. With a 24/-h availability, we’re always on stand-by for emergency calls in Calgary area, keeping our community members relaxed and cool.

Air Conditioners Replacement & Installation Calgary

As with furnaces, our policy is to repair a defective air conditioner instead of simply replacing it, to keep your costs down and to avoid unnecessary waste. Unfortunately, this may not always be possible. When a replacement is in order, our experienced technicians will assist you in choosing a new air conditioning unit that will suit both your needs and budget. Our team will then handle its installation in a prompt and effective manner, ensuring you, your family, or your employees will enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year.

We accept projects of all sizes so give us a call at (403) 269 2665 and ask us for a quote!